Learning platform software enables an organisation to facilitate and track the learning process. It is also commonly known as a learning management system. Mostly, researchers will recommend the right learning platforms to an organisation so they need to be informed.

Common Features of a Learning Platform

• Course management: it enables you to easily create courses and catalogues as per your organisation’s requirements.

• Blended learning: this will mainly include varied online courses, live instructors and online published content as well

• Search functionality: this will help learners to easily find content that they are looking for based on keywords used to search, title, and other search criteria the user may opt to use.

• Mobile learning: this will enable any user to easily access content online via mobile. They may download the appropriate app or learn online through the internet on phone.

• Learning through experiential tactics and user content: here you are able to get feedback from the users and use it to build an organisation.

• Certification: this is the proof that users have gone through the courses provided and finished successfully.

• Notifications and alerts: this will make communication easier. Feedback is also received promptly and this will lead to more effectiveness in the organisation.

• E-commerce: development in technological advances makes it possible to have users pay for the courses online and also do various transactions online as well. This is good for people who appreciate convenience.

Reporting and analysis: through the software, you can easily check on the effectiveness of the E-learning platform as well as gain insights on what could be improved in your learning system.

Benefits of learning platforms

There are many long lasting benefits of having an effective learning platform in your organisation. They include;

1. Revenue: you will easily make more money through training employees and resellers of your products.

2. Employee retention and faster growth: this makes it possible for employees to easily learn the existing and new concepts. When your employees grow, they also contribute to the growth of your company.

3. Brand promotion: both the customers, partners and employees will easily learn and know more about an organisation. This promotes loyalty to your organisation’s products.

E-learning platform is essential for organisations. It is true that they are becoming more popular because of their effectiveness. It is also good to note that the learning platforms can also be customised depending on an organisation’s needs. Modernisation in learning is the latest trend in various organisations this year and organisations that embrace it are more successful, and will continue to be more successful in the future.