Leaving a lasting legacy

As civil engineers, we reiterate and demonstrate our commitment on being green and building green. This is to say, we pledge to provide lasting eco-friendly designs to our happy clients, thereby reducing environmental impact while driving energy-centric solutions to our host communities.

We also emphasize education, training and re -training for all our employees and seek to always contribute to dividends of good governance and keeping close tab with environmental metrics. Little wonder most engineering watchdogs have spotted us as the pioneer green builder, even over the years.

Due to our commitment to the cause of sustainability, we have widespread experience in executing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) programs. We have accredited professionals within our highly experienced team who head projects with the intention of making them sustainable, so that green strategies would be used during all our construction projects.

We also believe that managing our firm in a more sustainable manner indicates that we are fully responsible for how work in our project sites affect the host communities. It means that we are concerned about the safety of everyone working with us; our immediate employees, the subcontractors, and partners enjoy a conducive working environment and that they receive fair treatment.

Sustainability Policies

Recycle Construction Waste

Since establishment, we have recycled more than three million tons of construction waste from landfills.

Staff Training

We have successfully trained our staff on green building and we strongly encourage them to gain certification on LEED.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Discharges

We have successfully achieved about ten percent reduction on greenhouse emissions in the last two years.

To Promote an Attitude of Safety

We accept that our employees have the right to be safe at the workplace. Our culture holds the philosophy of living an injury free life with an expectation that all construction projects are executed in a safe an organized system.